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 St Francis Patron of Animals


 We are Rainbow Bridge Sanctuary based in Blackpool UK.

We  feed abandoned  street cats.  Currently we look after 12" boys" and "girls".  If you live in the Fylde Area or Blackpool or just visiting we would be grateful for any  tinned food, for bedding trays, blankets and as shelter when the weather gets bad in Blackpoo.l We can accept most high st vouchers inc M/S, Sainsbury. Morrisons, ASDA. to buy food for the street cats who grace our door.


Our Mission is the House with the yellow roses and the green netting to protect "our runaways" It is located on Grosvenor St Grosvenor House 43 Grosvenor St 3 minutes from Blackpool North Train Station. When you look down our St you can see Church St and the Salvation Army.

We are 4 minutes from Blackpool Bus Station via car park and Charles St. When you get to the Premier Shop, Helping  


Urgent Appeal 2015

Our wood burner stove needs replacing and we need to fit a safety plate and re-line the chimney Cost is £2500. We have thje free wood but cannot use the Stove Can you make a donation now or even a Loan would be a grateful help


Ways to Help

You can send us a book of stamps to help with our fundraising or any High Street Voucher ie M&S, Wilkinson, Asda etc. If you cannot send any gift at this time could we ask for  the gift of your prayers  which we do sincerly  appricate in the Spirit of St Francis  the Patron of Animals. We too will be pleased to receive your prayer request and or feedback  as how best we can respond to your needs.


 Please do not send cash  for security (unless Registered) reasons. Thank you Eastleigh Sanctuary We need to raise £200  to repay our debt to them if you can help please please do 

. Please it may be your cat that is lost that we are feeding All cats will be photographed and  pictures available on seperate web site soon Thanks Fr Anthony

  Co -Op Electricals  Ref 1540663 Order Nunber



Support Corporate Solutions 




 We await the outcome  of  an email


sent to CEO 

Mr Richard Pennycooke before we share our opinion 





Going to Malta or Gozo?              

  We are very happy to recommend the SPCA to all animal lovers

They do a sterling service to both Cats and Dogs and are the only Animal Sanctuary on GOZO



If you have any cuddly toys or small lightweight gifts that they could sell in their shop to fundraise the feeding and vets bill they would be so grateful. You can of course send them a cheque in sterling or Euro as Gozo is euro country. If you are planning to visit this beautiful Island of Gozo like we did do drop in poreferably with a bag of Dog or Cat food. Remember if you fly Air Malta they give you 22 kilo each lots of room for cuddly toys. Please note they are not open all day as they are very busy but do give them a call. They are behind the playing fields and local bus terminal in Victoria the capital. Most people will show you the way as the locals are like the British very friendly. Kind Regards Fr Anthony






May the road rise to meet you,
May the wind be always at your back,
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
The rains fall soft upon your fields and,
Until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

(St Patrick)



Patron Saint of Ireland



 Please use the link below and help us raise more funds for our cats  We are listed as an accepted charity



As an Excepted Charity we do not pay VAT for advertising purposes providing that all funds or gifts received are made payable to Rainbow Bridge Sanctuary and held in the Registered Charity Account

The Charities Act 19 We are listed under93 - Excepted Charities



 Best Paper in the North West . Please do not miss in Cashin on Tuesday where you are free to sell your unwanted goods.  Thanks to ALL Gazette readers for their wonderful support to our Sanctuary and Street Cats Appeal .


Just Divine Shop


Once in a while you come across a rare Gem of a store. It use to be down a side street in any town where the Religious goods for sale were of high quality and a decent price and the staff were cheerful and helpful. Your items were well packed and secured
Your custom was appreciated and sometimes if you spent a few shillings you got a small gift of a medal as a token of appreciation for your custom. Times have changed and most of the nice articles are now on line and from America with sky high shipping charges not to mention Royal Mail Custom clearance fees and VAT.
Well not anymore as that little Gem I have now found in a great Ebay shop in Lancashire. It is called Just-Divine and run by a wonderful person called Angela. Please do visit and check out the full itinerary of wonderful goods with quality and price a first. We know you will not be disappointed. Best Wishes from Fr Anthony Rainbow Bridge Sanctuary


Norcross  Veterinary Ltd

  Very Professional Veterinary  Service with a welcoming unhurried atmosphere where  humans and pets alike feel relaxed and valued.

Hi when you think there are not any very nice people left in the world and you find a gem of great price then you have to tell the world. Best Vets in Blackpool.  Fr Anthony

Good Luck to the New Vets Hospital opening soon long overdue and will be a great asset to all pet lovers .

We know the Quality of Service & Care provided by Andrew Mill and dedicated Staff we hope others will switch their vetinary need to 


Norcross  Veterinary Ltd


Contact person: Mr Andrew Milne
Practice name: 
Norcross  Veterinary Ltd
Tel: 01253 854545



Beach Rd

01253 853666



Norcross Lane  


Fleetwood, Warrenhurst Rd




Old Toms Lane 

01253 700111  

Country: United Kingdom
Practice type: Small Animal
E-mail: andrew.g.milne@virgin.net




  • Do visit the RSPCA Blackpool web site. They are always in need like ourselves of items for Sale If you have and dog food Tinned or bags (unopened) you can drop them off at their Blackpool for all those lovely unwanted cats and dogs that the RSPCA ARE THEIR TO PROTCT BUT ONLY WITH OUR HELP AND SUPPORT Thank you





After 19 years of being a Client of DHL Courier we have terminated our Accounts with them not because of the bad service they gave on the contrary their service despite the odd mishap usually caused by human error or omission was very good. We were always on first name terms with their wonderful drivers. Our volume of mail, packets documents both sending and receiving was worth a lot of money to the company. The reason we are "giving them the boot" is because DHL Head Office UK are trying to enlist from us by creative accountancy Custom Duty which have been paid. As a Charity you would think they would put their hands in their Corporate Pockets but oh no its "Greed Greed All the way to the Bank" My recommendation you can do better in my opinion

Fr Anthony

My Father always said you cannot put thanks in your Pocket So If and its a Big IF

A Cheque payable to Rainbow Bridge Sanctuary  Arrived by Post we could always change our Sad Song into a Happy Lament


Rainbow Bridge Sanctuary






Buyers and Sellers of Quality Catering Equipment . 

We clear Pubs,Clubs, Hotel, Restaurants, Take Away's

Have you ever walked into a Showroom from the Sixties . This is Kings like "Heartbeat" or "Aunty Wainwright "

from "Last of the Summer Wine" there you will find something to take your fancy. Fancy a Mini Car "real size" or a Pin Ball Machine or how about a Jute Box or Slot Machine or a Special Item or Center Piece for your Office Pub Club which makes a Statement then Kings is your first stop.



07961 806251

Great People,Sound Goods, Great Affordable Price


We recommend these people to you off our own back and no inducement or money has been paid 

Fr Anthony Rainbow Bridge Sanctuary





Very Professional well established funeral services (1915)




Wonderful Sanctuary








We have removed their advert from here as they never kept the word by email to send us a free banner Fr Anthony



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