Sponsor a Street Cat in Blackpool


 Sponser a Cat for just £2 a Month/Book of Stamps


Collect your Pennies in a Jar this can help us buy the necessary flea treatment for the cats.Jars are available from the Sanctuary if you do not have one.

"Coppers for Cats"


Thank you for caring. You can now Sponsor a Street Cat for as little as £2 a month. We are trying to raise donations to refurbish the Chapel .The outside has been painted and it looks good You are welcome to vitit by appointment . We managed to secure the back and the street cats can now feed securely there when its wet or are hungry . Please feel free to come and see what is needed. A very big Thank You to all who sent cheque with no name, food pouches dry food and those wonderful candles from Malta which made the little Chapel very special at Easter.Any donation towards this work would be welcomed Cheques to Rainbow Bridge Sanctuary and crossed please. We will  issue you with a receipt for your records a SAE would be appreciated  due to high postal costs

We try not to have the cats and kittens cross the busy road on Charles St as our Garden Cemetary is full with those little ones who have gone to Rainbow Bridge to await their owners one day.  We now feed the street cats  on  the other side of the road to avoid any more road casualty. It seems to work for the time being. 


 If you can help in these trying times. If you can help in any way our address is Rainbow Bridge Sanctuary  We are 5 minutes walk from Blackpool North Train Station or 5 minutes frm Blackpool Bus station via the car park opposite  the Hip Pub and Bananarama great veg shop on the corner. You walk up Chairles St and the Sanctuary is on the left. Yellow roses and green fencing surround the garden. You may wish to see the cats we house and visit the Chapel. Perhaps you have a pet that has gone to Rainbow Bridge and you may wish to have a little though or prayer and light a candle which is free. Thank you for caring and please remember us in your thoughts and Prayers as be assured you will be together with your pet or pets be in ours.  


Every Month we hold  a Service for all lost or deceased Pets. Please do try and not send cash by post as with the word sanctuary on the envelope it is a temptation. Postal Orders or Cheques should be payable to Rainbow Bridge Sanctuary . We never refuse any tins or pouches or dried food. Please do not leave food outside as due to a number of thefts from the door step we  are securing the front when we are not in.You can still leave newspapers over the locked gate. Please Please call me .  God Bless you and all who you love and care for. Fr Anthony


 Great Blackpool News Paper

 Thanks to all our Loyal Gazette Readers for their kindness and donations

Fr Anthony



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